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Four Seasons Hotel Firenze is an ornate Tuscan residence of unparalleled luxury in the treasure trove of antiquity that is Florence. With its unassuming entrance leading to an impressive courtyard decorated with 16th-Century Stradano frescos, Firenze is a location from which it is virtually impossible not to develop a true love of Renaissance art and architecture. Located amid one of the largest private gardens in the city, bordered by an ornate villa and Renaissance palazzo, this modern hotel is an ideal choice for exploring local vineyards as it is set in the Tuscany Wine Region. The theme of original Florentine art and craftsmanship runs throughout the hotel's 116 rooms and suites, yet no two rooms are alike.

Wedding Style: Bespoke luxury, Classical Italian, Fairy tale, Renaissance.

Onsite Accommodations; 72 Inviting Guest Rooms and 44 Luxurious Suites.

Onsite Fine Dining: Il Palagio Michelin starred Restaurant and La Magnolia.

Special Features: 500-Year-old Palazzo Della Gherardesca and 16th Century Convent houses guest rooms.

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