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Barcelona and Argentina football superstar Lionel Messi married his childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo in Rosario, Argentina last week. The glowing couple, with children Thiago and Mateo in tow, then jetted off to the private-island Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort on the twin-island state of Antigua & Barbuda for what is these days known as a “familymoon”.

A honeymoon was once intended to be a romantic indulgence following, what can be for some, a stressful period of wedding prep and execution. Couples looked forward the idea of being legally married, and having the freedom and privacy to make love uninhibitedly.

Fast forward to 2017 where more and more loving couples who have children prior to enjoying their unencumbered newly wed bliss, ultimately decide to tie the knot, and can’t imagine going on a honeymoon without their kids.

With remarriage, there are often multiple children on one or both sides, so childcare options for all become limited. You have a choice: Take a honeymoon with the kids — or no honeymoon at all. If you're determined to start your union off with some stress-free down time, we've got are some tips for family-mooning.

Your decision will undoubtedly be based on certain criteria, so here are a few we’ve assembled, otherwise known as the 4 ‘A’s…

Accommodation: separate but interconnecting sleeping rooms or a family suite.

Activities: the property must have recreational options that appeal to every age group within your party, including full family experiences or kids clubs that allow you some guilt-free alone time while youngsters are well cared for.

Assurances: you’ll want to feel assured that children’s safety has been considered as much as their interests. Without crucial details such as safety fencing around pools, your leisure time could turn it into the most stressful holiday ever as you take turns playing lifeguard.

Added bonus: we understand your concerns and thoroughly research every property we recommend. We’ll also point out extras that may not be listed on hotel websites, our personal advice can make sure your familymoon is relaxing and special.

The key to this type of holiday will be finding time for newlywed romance, as well as fun for the entire group. Thankfully, hotels and holiday companies are becoming ever more determined to provide the perfect destination experience for the whole family.


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