Villa d’Este is best described as a fairytale setting, the fairytale taking place in the palatial playground of kings and queens.

From the richly draped grandeur of the Sala Colonne to the opulently detailed and golden Napoleon Room, each event space is more stunning than the last. At Villa d’Esta even passageways and staircases are exquisitely finished, every detail taken into account. Soaring ceilings and massive chandeliers accent the expansive spaces inside the hotel. This was after all, designed for royalty, and it feels every bit the part.

Located in the Cardinal Building at the heart of the property, the Sala Colonne is a grand salon ideal for spectacular events. Marble floors, crystal chandeliers, and frescoes with velvety nuances furnish the room. Corinthian columns dominate the architecture and French windows open onto the terrace and gardens.


Majestic and regal, Sala Impero is made for a truly unforgettable experience. Situated in the main body of the villa, it is the favorite salon for wedding receptions, gala dinners and glittering cocktail parties. Its elite atmosphere is dedicated to unwavering perfection.

Originally designed for Napoleon himself, Sala Napoleone can be transformed into the perfect background for banquets, receptions, gala lunches and dinners. Positioned in the Cardinal Building, this spectacular room is decorated with gold brocade wallpaper, soft lighting from delicate appliques and large mirrors. The ambiance is bright and welcoming, yet intimate with enchanting décor featuring outstanding service and exquisite menus.


Also available for wedding events is Ristorante Veranda. On one side, the deep blue of the lake, and on the other the myriad reflections of the mosaic. This room perfectly matches the atmosphere of class and excellence that is so characteristic of the Villa D’Este.

For a wedding luncheon or cocktail, Ristorante Grill offers a warm and welcoming space where the Chef’s delicacies are served in the open air throughout summer. The enchanting Queen’s Pavillon surrounds the dining terrace, offering a hillside view of the lake.


Outside is no less grand with the jewel of the 25-acre garden, the landmark 16th century Mosaic making an ideal backdrop for any ceremony.

For a true Lake Como villa experience as well as creating memories of your special day, there are four private villas at Villa d’Esta: Villa Cima (four bedrooms), Villa Garrovo (six bedrooms), Villa Malakoff (four bedrooms), Mosaic House (one bedroom). Enjoy all of the services of the hotel plus the option of a personal chauffeur, butler or boat.