If you’ve considered giving cash as a wedding gift you probably already know that the “cover your plate” rule is a widely regarded guideline for determining the amount—the objective being to pay for the cost of your reception dinner and ease the couple’s expense.

When it comes to destination weddings however, guests can find themselves spending over $1,500 per person just to attend your special day, leaving the issue of giving a gift up for debate.

There are those who believe giving a gift is just good etiquette, (with the amount based on your relationship with the couple), and in the case of destination weddings non-monetary gifts can be delivered to the couple prior to departing. But, if guests have to use their vacation time, and part of their savings to show up for you, should their presence be accepted as the gift? Should it even matter, since throwing a celebration is more about including friends and family in one of the most significant days of your lives, than about being reimbursed for the cost of dinner?

Tell us what you think.