Florence is an undisputed utopia of picturesque vineyards, lush olive groves and hill-side towns. As the most active centre of the Renaissance, every eminent artistic figure – among them, Brunelleschi, Botticelli, da Vinci, and, Michelangelo – is represented here, in an unrivalled gathering of churches, galleries and museums. What does this mean for you? The charming cities within this region are a treasure trove of almost perfectly preserved buildings that provide extraordinary wedding venues dripping with atmosphere. 16th century Villa Cicolina, near Montepulciano is one such venue, and played host to one of our recent destination weddings.


Formerly the home of a noble family, the restored property now offers 10 comfortable suites and one two-bedroom cottage, and proved ideal for a takeover by the wedding party. Bride Falon, groom Ken, their families and guests had complete privacy, with the estate exclusively at their disposal during their stay.


Villa Cicolina’s gardens are an enviable highlight, boasting a colourful array of roses, lavender and wildflowers, which graced the décor, lapels and bouquet. The quaint ceremony took place under a canopy of olive trees set against the infinity pool and breathtaking view of the valley beyond. In addition, the villa conveniently arranged for it’s own signature olive oil to be provided as guest favours. We love it when we can refer couples to venues that furnish all the little extras so they can just focus on taking this important step together.




Having exclusive access to villa staff and resources, made off-sight pre and post wedding excursions an easy and really special way to allow the entire wedding party to enjoy art, history and stunning vistas of the Tuscan countryside.


Securing an entire countryside estate as your wedding venue could prove the perfect indulgence, ensuring a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos and an unforgettable experience for your guests. Contact us to learn more.