If you’ve imagined, just once in your life, feeling like the hero in a chick flick, you know that winning mad acclaim is probably going to take a grand gesture. The increasingly popular destination proposal photos being posted by newly engaged couples, still aglow from their elaborate “will you marry me” experience, are what grand gestures are made of. Whether it’s a jointly planned trip or a surprise getaway, popping the question away from home can be a romantic and unforgettable idea.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind so all your planning comes off without a hitch.

Hit the spot. A sentimental location where you’ve already shared a special moment (or always dreamed of doing so) would be a major factor in making you look like you’ve totally been paying attention to the details in your relationship. Consider staging the proposal at a landmark or significant place that will always be there, that way you can potentially return for a romantic rekindling years into your marriage.

Do your research. Whether you envision a rose petal pathway, a picnic at a breath-taking monument or a hike to a secluded waterfall, you want it to be well thought out and stress-free. Make sure passports are validated for at least 6 months past the return date of your trip. A travel specialist who is experienced in arranging destination proposals can tell you which resorts even have proposal packages and confirm whether more elaborate proposal plans can proceed without permits. A guerrilla pop-up flash mob that ends up being foiled by cops or park officials isn’t really the story you want to come away telling, so treat this like an event, the key to perfect execution is in the details.

Secure the goods. If you’re flying to your destination, do not carry the ring on your person since the mandatory TSA strip-down will totally give you away. Don’t put it in your checked luggage either. Packing it in your carry-on in a non-descript pouch is a discrete solution so ask your jeweller for a soft case. Not flying means you can pin the ring to the inside of a jacket or pants pocket. Once you purchase an engagement ring, we recommend getting it insured as soon as possible. Since basic homeowner’s insurance policies typically do not cover these types of items, extra jewelry insurance coverage may be necessary. It may be that a simple travel insurance package will suffice, but do your research to be sure.

Capture the moment. Photos or video of your special moment are pretty essential so plan to have someone take pictures of your proposal. An acquaintance that will coincidentally be there, a resident family member you have to meet up with, or even a member of the restaurant or hotel staff, in fact, some resorts include this free in their Proposal Package so be sure to ask. Based on the number of awesome posts on @flytographer (they service 200+ cities), people are remotely hiring local shooters for the sole purpose of capturing their proposal, the demand for this service is growing at the same rate as exotic destination question-popping. That said, don’t neglect your look! The idea of a “proposal outfit” may not be something you thought you’d ever find yourself considering but you’re about to be immortalized and you’ve got two mandates here, look sharp and keep the ring safely concealed but easily accessible.

Share the experience. Think about what happens after your intended says yes – apart from the squealing, hugging and tears of joy. If you’re on vacation overseas, have your roaming package or Wi-Fi set up on your phone so you can Skype to share the experience. Once you’ve slipped the ring on her finger and your heart rate has normalized somewhat, you should call both sets of parents before broadcasting your news to the wider, social-media world. Marriage, after all, means putting family first, starting right now.

There’s already something really special about being away together, particularly in your own little bubble of bliss. A destination proposal can be one of most romantic ways to become engaged so have fun making it unique and significant to both of you. Our planning team can help.