The tradition of white wedding dresses, although relatively recent, has certainly become ubiquitous in Western culture. So quintessentially bridal has the white dress become, that when a bride chooses to tie the knot wearing another colour, it’s considered daring and rebellious: think Dita Von Teese in purple; Anne Hathaway in pink; Tina Turner in black.

Although white gowns continue to dominate the bridal industry, alternative colour options have gone beyond pale, subtle tones like blush and champagne. Coloured bridal gowns have now officially made it into the mainstream, with esteemed designers like Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang and Jenny Packham pairing bright hues of red, pink and blue with classic bridal features, like voluminous skirts, sweetheart necklines, and elaborate beading.

Irrespective of Western fashion trends, traditional bridal attire in the East has always been quite different, and for different reasons. In cultures such as China and India, brides typically wear red to represent good luck and auspiciousness, sometimes opting for a white wedding dress during part of the ceremony and a coloured gown for it’s traditional rituals.

Whatever the factors are prompting you to consider a coloured gown, modern bridal wear offers a diversity of options without risk of the bride‘s choice being construed as defiant or irreverent. Like marriage itself, wedding attire continues to evolve, with same-sex weddings and cross-cultural weddings being examples of how new traditions are being established.

We would suggest you balance the range of creative possibilities with your distinct personality. Influences such as religion, fashion, and ethnicity all contribute to who we are and that can be expressed in a fabulous dress, which best reflects you, whatever colour it may be.