"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue..." was once thought to not only give brides good luck on their wedding day, but also help in the assurance of fertility and prosperity. Today, it is simply a charming ritual incorporated into weddings as a way of honouring tradition, and takes many diverse forms.


A cherished entry into this category is the heirloom veil, worn and passed down by generations of women before you. It’s a beautiful way to feel connected to and honoured by mother and grandmother, not to mention, the lace is often exquisitely made! Increasingly, brides are opting for a keepsake locket or treasure placed lovingly in their bouquet, particularly thoughtful if a loved one has passed away.


Keepsakes by Katherine


At one time a beloved gift from the groom presented the morning of the wedding dominated this category but apparently we live in the age of the bold and the beautiful because matching tattoos are staking their claim in this arena. No kidding. Well, we love surprises!



Borrowing a cherished symbol from family is perfect for this spot. Jewelry would be an obvious choice but, have fun with it, travel to the wedding in your dad’s refurbished car (the one that nobody is allowed to drive) or go all out by wearing uber chic rented jewels for that red carpet experience.


Miles Diamond Chandelier Earrings and Chadwick Diamond Cuff Bracelet. Adorn.com


One of our favourites? Blue heels for that bit of fun and colour! Subtlety is not a requirement and with so many options here you won’t even consider playing it safe. Badgley Mischka’s Kiara peep toe platforms are embellished heaven, Valentino anything is an all-in YES and no one has forgotten the Manolos made iconic by our beloved Carrie Bradshaw, they’re literally known as “Something Blue”!


Whether you’re a to-the-letter purist, or you’ve allowed room for interpretation, honouring tradition can add layers of meaning to all you’ve got planned for your unforgettable day.