Hire a Pro

You may think you’re up for the daunting task of hours of online research, reading reviews, sourcing vendors and possibly navigating through a language barrier, but you’re trying to get married, not reinvent the wheel! A planner who specializes in destination weddings already has the experience and vendor relationships to manage all of your details for what will hopefully be the flawless execution of your week’s worth of events. Since marriage regulations vary from country to country, there’s a lot you can’t leave to chance. Residency requirements, for example, may state you are required to be in the country a minimum number of days prior to getting married, you do not want that kind of oversight!


Advanced visits. Seriously, we can’t recommend this enough! You'll need to scout and secure venues for your ceremony, reception and rehearsal dinner, as well as local suppliers such as caterers, florists and photographers. This is where a Destination Wedding Planner truly becomes invaluable, scheduling tastings with your caterer, approving bouquets, planning a hair and makeup session and organizing pre and post-wedding activities to please the range of ages and proclivities of your guests. Ideally, you’d see your key venues at least once before the wedding, if a second trip is not feasible, plan to arrive several days early to do a hair and makeup trial with your chosen Stylist.

When’s Hurricane Season?

Good question. Don’t assume the weather in the Caribbean, or Tropics is always picture perfect. Scheduling your Caribbean nuptials between July and October could put you on storm watch. The best weather in popular vacation spots tends to correlate with tourist season, which means higher rates and increased demand on venues, so once you’ve chosen your date, reserve hotel blocks immediately.

Don’t bring sand to the beach. Think like a local. When in Rome…

Incorporating local flora and foods into the décor and festivities will save you a bundle, like using Olive branches at a wedding set in Italy, it’s a no brainer. You chose your destination for a reason—embrace all that it has to offer.

You’re Going to Have Baggage.

Controlling the look of accessories like your wedding stationary, cake topper and décor may result in having to pack a few extra bags. Be prepared to pay for additional checked luggage for not only yourself, but willing members of your wedding party if necessary. Think about it as paying a little extra for the assurance that things will go the way you planned.

Count on the experience of one of our Destination Wedding Planners. We know you’ve got enough on your mind as it is!