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You may be daunted by the idea of all the details that go into a destination wedding, but you can most definitely ease those fears by hiring our talented team of wedding pros to make it all come together seamlessly. Whether you’re thinking of a beach ceremony on the sand, sunset on the cliffs, or a nautical themed event at an island marina, these 4 wedding colour palettes will be the perfect style guide to your sun-shiny day.


If you choose to set sail your marriage with oceanic hues, try these cool blue-greens.


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Neutrals, and silver white sands will never go out of style. Achieve this look by dressing your day in blooming white flowers, linen fabrics and burlap accents. Blush or taupe bridesmaid dresses will seem ethereal, appropriate and play off the colours in your sea shell decor.


Clockwise: 4LovePolkaDots.com | The Knot, Signe's Heaven Bound Bakery Kidd | The Knot, Brandon Kidd Photography | The Knot, Brandon Kidd Photography | Bridal Guide, Hello Blue Photo | The Knot, Brandon Kidd Photography.


Paint your wedding day with the lush colours offered by the surreal skyline, we guarantee your wedding will be nothing short of breathtaking.


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If you’ve pictured yourself being fanned by giant palm leaves, this theme will make you feel right at home. Set it off with bursts of fuchsia, ocean and yellow and you’ll be singing calypso.


LWW, Photography: Dave Cox | Martha Stewart Weddings | LWW, Photography: Dave Cox | Weddingomania.com | Weddingomania.com | LWW, Photography: Dave Cox.

Island themed colour will set your celebration apart from the typical banquet hall option, and between that and the tan skin and sparkling sands your wedding feel like a moment in paradise. Say "yes" to extraordinary, check out our boutique properties in the Caribbean and call us for travel offers and details.