For many, an endless shoreline complete with the hypnotic rhythm of crashing waves is the perfect dream wedding location, but if weather, guest comfort and logistics prove challenging, consider hosting your ceremony beach adjacent rather than with ‘sand between your toes’. While walking through the sand to your palm-embellished alter certainly has an exotic air of romance, panoramic views of the sparkling water and ocean ambience can still be accessible from nearby vantage points, allowing your nuptials (and your photographer) the perfect backdrop.

Although destination weddings are often intimate celebrations, they may still come with a long list of details Planners like us need to account for, not the least of which are permits, ordinances, and other issues that may come up, like the public being on the beach at the time of your celebration. Getting married on a section of hotel property with beach views may be the perfect solution. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind:

Timing is everything. We’d suggest having a daytime ceremony; the vistas and the temperatures transform considerably while ocean side after sunset.

Mic check. You’ll need to be heard as well as seen. Microphones are a must for the ceremony, as it will likely be hard to hear the proceedings over the sounds of the ocean and wind.

Tack it down. Shorter veils, or no veil and clips for placing pretty flowers or sea accents in a wind-proof updo may be better in this setting.


Stay cool. Consider providing guests with parasols or hand held fans. For you and your bridal party choose dress and suiting fabrics that are lightweight and breathable, you’ll find a number of suggestions in our “Beach Wedding” blog post.



For more inspiration, take a look at real weddings like Meenu & Rajan’s spectacular ocean view Indian ceremony, hosted on the Sky Deck at Azul Fives Resort, Mexico, and featured in our gallery. Follow Luxury Weddings Worldwide on Pinterest where we’ve devoted an entire board to tropical weddings.