Couples that love snuggling up inside while a picturesque snowfall paints a wonderland around them are likely to have a winter wedding. Being that winter is considered the off season, you’ll spend less on venues and services as many vendors are inclined to discount. You can also look forward to a high RSVP acceptance since summer vacations and conflicting weddings are rarely a concern. If the coldest season is your favourite, consider these trends.

Part 3: WINTER


Hues: For many, especially those that grew up in snowy regions, pine green, icy blues, silver and serene whites are trademarks of this season. Monochromatic themes thrive here, mix frosted, shiny, matte and texture for interest.

Décor: Evergreens are what winter is all about. Winter white flowers contrasting with garland or pinecones, crystal chandeliers, and, pearl accents will fill the room with rich colour, texture and fragrance.

Flavours: Favourites include swiss chocolate, mint and the creamy smooth taste of liqueurs like Baileys.

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