There are countless decisions to be made in planning your big day, the date is certainly one of the first and most personal. Many couples choose an anniversary, honouring a relationship milestone and ensuring it’s a date they’ll both remember. Fortunately, there are stylistic options suitable for any date you choose, but, if you’ve envisioned hosting a ceremony at a particular time of year, we’ve got a few suggestions for enjoying the characteristics of the season you love most.

Part 1: SUMMER


If you prefer the idea of an outdoor ceremony in which you bask in warmth and radiance, we’re guessing you’re planning summer nuptials. There’s a reason it’s known as ‘wedding season’. The warmer weather gives access to wonderful outdoor venues, the horticulture allows for a delightful range of floral options, and, the longer days mean seemingly endless celebrations. Here are some sources of Summer inspiration.

Hues: Play with bright, adventurous or beachy colour schemes.

Décor: Saturated blooms of dahlias, calla lilies, orchids and palm fonds are hardy, less prone to wilting and pair well with the use of fruits like wild berries or kumquats in colourful summer arrangements. Create outdoor lounge areas in which your guests can cool off and mingle.

Flavours: keep it sweet and simple with flavours of peach or melon with herb-infused honey. Summer weddings are great for creating fun fruity cocktails.

Stay tuned for Autumn.