Celebrating your new union in the midst of spring’s earliest bursts of color? Buds, blooms and delicate bits of green life emerging from newly awakened earth provide plenty of inspiration.

Part 4: SPRING


Hues: Pastels like lavender, mint or the still rising favourite – blush, add a sense of whimsy and romance that almost demands the use of hydrangeas and pale peonies.

Décor: Enjoy the lushness of the season, allowing centerpieces to overflow forming fat ethereal clouds over the tables.

Flavours: Consider light ‘spring' greens such as watercress, seasonal veg like asparagus or fiddleheads paired with lamb, a quintessential spring dish. On the sweeter side of things, go with lemon or berries, garnishing those stylish dessert morsels with an early spring fruit like kumquat.

Since every season offers unique characteristics, it’s easy to be inspired toward beautiful décor. You’re sure to find many ways make your wedding a perfect reflection of everything that’s special to you.